2013-02-17 00009
Type Rifle
Ammunition Type Rifle Ammo
Damage 21 (3x head shot)
Capacity 30
Fire Rate 10 SPS
Reload time Medium
Inventory 2

The AK-47 is a weapon found in Zombie Panic Source.


Like its name implies, the Avtomat Kalashnikova has been created in 1947 , Three years after World War 2 by soviet designer Mikhail Kalachnikov. The assault rifle was inspired by the Sturmgehwer 44, a german rifle which was used by the ennemy of the soviets, the nazi's during WW2. The gun can in full (like in the game) and semi-auto spit perforating bullets of 7.62 millimeter (which explain its high damage ingame). The AK47 will be the first one of a russian rifles series, with the AKM , its enhanced version from the 1960's, the AK74 in the 70's (with a new caliber the 5.45mm and always used by russian army) and more recently the AK12 in the 2010's. Without forget different variants like the RPK, light-machine gun version, and the Saiga-12, semi-auto shotgun variant, between other. Many countries (especially the ones which were the allies of the Soviet union) will manufactured their own versions of AK, like the Norinco firm in China.


The AK-47 is the most powerful of all the rifles in Zombie Panic: Source, dealing 21 points of damage per bullet (63 for a headshot). When using this weapon it's advised to save as much ammo as possible by firing short, controlled bursts at targets.  The biggest drawback to the AK is that it has the highest recoil, and it is not very accurate to begin with. After 5-8 fired shots, the wielder will find their crosshairs quite far from where they were originally intended to be. 


  • Statistically, the AK-47 has the highest weight of any weapon in the game so far.
  • In the HUD of the survivor players, there is some errors in the gun's icon which appears after a player take on him the rifle: the name of the gun is badly named "AK74" and the gun's icon have a stock from the same gun or from an AKM. probably an oversight from the person who had made the HUD.