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A well-barricaded room in Harvest

Barricading is the art of keeping you and your team safe, and the brainhungry horde away. Barricading in Zombie Panic: Source can be done in two ways.

Push, punch, and block Edit

This method of blocking the zombie swarm's passage is the most common throughout Zombie Panic: Source. A player uses their push ability (holster and then secondary fire) to push an object in the way of the zombies as a method of stalling them. Nearly all physics props can be pushed, as long as it is not a part of the map's infrastructure (walls, doors, things that are linked to the ground).
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A room barricaded with map props, keeping the zombies at bay

Sturdy barricades should be made of heavy and indestructible material, like a large iron table, file cabinets, and many others.

Barricading can also be used to block doors, where the more weight one has against the door, the harder it is for the zombie to push it open. Barricading is a tactic mainly used in Survival Mode, seeing as Objective Mode more often requires humans to be on the move as opposed to holding a position. 

Barricade Hammers Edit

With version 1.5 of the mod, a tool for creating barricades was introduced, represented in the game by a hammer with a red handle. With this tool, players can make wooden planks across openings, doors and other vital points. 1 charge of the hammer equals 1 plank. There are a variety of angles (selected by hitting reload) and a choice between a short or a long plank; both boards have the same number of hit points. One important thing to know about the boards created by barricade hammers is that they will immediately break if any player gets on top of it.

Barricading Demonstration

Barricading Demonstration

Video demonstration of using the barricade hammer