Body Armor
2013-04-27 00001
Type Defensive item
Use Cuts hits down by 80%
Recovery Ammount {{{recovery amount}}}

Body Armor is an item in Zombie Panic: Source that is and can be used in bulk, but can easily weigh someone down, while also blocking from some attacks, but will not last for long times. Be careful not to waste it. (It resembles a dark blue coloured Police Kevlar Vest.)


Body Armour is a semi-rare item that appears on most maps in at least one place. It adds 50 points of armour to the person wearing it and has no weight effects. It protects the user from attacks and reduces damage dealt to the survivor by 80%. Body Armour is often considered a life saver as it can easily save someone from the brink of death.

Note that the carrier can still infect an armour-wearing survivor with a strike from his claw, and the survivor will still turn. However, even if infected with body armour completely in tact, the zombified player will not keep the body armour on their person to add resistance to damage once zombified, as it simply vanishes.

Body armor also is not dropped like other items if a survivor is panicking.


  • Body armour is commonly worn by police officers and select civilians to protect themselves from firearms and sharp-edged weapons.
  • There are two modern types of body armour, bullet proof armour and stab proof armour to protect from knives and blunt implements, it is safe to assume that this body armour is the stab proof variant.