2013-02-22 00006
Gender Male
Race Most likely Caucasian
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow-Red
Occupation N/A
Health 250
Status Undead

The Carrier is a pale, muscular, moderately decayed that one player will be chosen to play as (though in Hardcore mode it is possible to have multiple). Carriers have 50 more HP (giving it a total of 250), along with stronger attacks (35, ten points higher than a standard zombie's 25) and speed than his followers. His attacks also have a default 10% chance to infect the target, giving the infected victim a short period of time left before succumbing and becoming a zombie. The Carrier is also capable of roaring, which gives him an orange-yellow aura which can be seen by all zombies present on the map, revealing his position to them and allowing them to spawn at the point closest to him.


  • The Carrier is voiced by Eric Grant, the same person who voices Eugene.
  • The Carrier seems to be the only zombie capable of forming coherent sentences, hinting that he still holds some sentience. 
  • The Carrier is one of the only few zombies capable of having their heads gibbed. With the others being Eugene's and Marcus' zombified versions, as though the idea was scrapped for the rest of the team.
  • As his title implies, he is likely called the Carrier since he appears to be the first zombie.
  • The Carrier is often referred to as "whitey" by both the community and devs alike.
  • His model files refer to him as Zombie0, which could be a way of referring to him as "patient zero", which is what a patient who is presumed to be the first known carrier of an illness of condition is commonly referred to, especially in zombie fiction.
  • It should be noted that in Hardcore mode, any infected survivor will turn into a Carrier, which can be a little strange if a female is infected, as she turns into a male zombie.
    • The game does that because of the random survivor choice in the game settings. (Ex. playing as Lea with a chance to turn into any of the zombies, if the choice is set to random. If not set to random the zombie will match the chosen survivor. Lea getting infected makes a zombie Lea etc.)