Club Zombo
2013-02-13 00007
Map Creator Deej
Map Size Small
Recommended Players 6-16
Map Mode Survival

"The city is at a state of chaos as the riots are spreading, but we all know that this is something completely different. The streets aren't safe anymore and the situation is just getting worse.

In the downtown district, the Clubzombo nightclub is still open. Perhaps you should move indoors for shelter before you continue your journey out of the city.

Murder on the dancefloor!"
— Official Description

Club Zombo is a Survival map featured in Zombie Panic: Source, and a remake of the Zombie Panic! map of the same name.


Club Zombo is a small survival map set in a night club (named Club Zombo, hence the name) in a bustling city during a rainy night. The map consists of the night club and the street outside where the survivors spawn. The survivors enter the club by entering through the side door, or by entering through a broken wall leading to the women's bathroom. The night club has a large dance floor, two bathrooms, a bar, an arcade, an office, sound control room, two balconies, a VIP lounge, and roof access. The map has a custom audio track which loops throughout the round, unlike the rest of the maps where the only music heard is the in-game soundtrack.



  • Survive


  • Kill the survivors



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  • The interior of the club is somewhat dark and it may be hard to spot moving silhouettes in the dark with the club's flashing lights.
  • Despite its simple design, this map can seem rather maze-like to new players since many areas look the same. Be extra cautious if it is your first time playing the map!
  • Avoid the dance floor if possible, as zombies spawn on the roof, allowing them to break through the windows and drop down into the dance floor to attack you.
  • Many rooms which have hammers in them are dead ends, such as the office and sound control room. Try to barricade places where you still have a place to retreat to, as opposed to meeting your end when cornered.


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  • Survivors may have a hard time seeing you with all the flashing lights. Try to stay hidden in the dark parts of the room while stalking.
  • Most zombies spawn on the roof of the club. From here, a zombie can either break through a window and land on the dance floor, or search for the ladder leading down to the outdoor balcony to attack humans from a different spot than they may have expected.
  • If you cannot find any survivors, a good place to lie in wait for unsuspecting prey would be the balconies, as many survivors may try to jump off them if they are overwhelmed.

Version History

  • Club Zombo was originally seen in the Half Life 1 mod Zombie Panic! .
  • A version of ZPS_ClubZombo was planned for version 1.0, but it was never released.
  • ZPS_ClubZombo was added to Zombie Panic! Source in version 2.0.
  • ZPS_ClubZombo received updates in versions 3.0 and 3.1.


  • Club Zombo was created as an entry in the official "Mappers' Remix" competition, in which the Zombie Panic! Team chose the best remake of two original Zombie Panic! maps to turn into official content. Club Zombo received at least three entries, and the map by Deej and Ivy was chosen. The other map in the competition, Contingency, received no entries.
  • Prior to this version of Club Zombo, another remake of the original was planned and partially finished by Knights.
  • The only survivor who seems to have a direct connection to this map is Vanessa, as she wears a paper bracelet on her wrist with "Club Zombo" printed on it, the only other survivors having a direct connection to a map are Jessica with Town, and possibly Eugene with Police Station.
  • In the waiting room of the map, the Slap Chop Rap can be heard playing. It is interesting as to why the mapper would include the song on their map, let alone in just the lobby, but it is very likely for a comedic effect.
  • Club Zombo is one of the only official maps which disables the game's in-game soundtrack, replacing it with the music of Club Zombo (Shreddingfield being the other map).
  • Outside in the street the corpse of a Classic Zombie can be found split in half horizontally, pinned to the wall by a squad car.
  • Interestingly enough, the rest of the city still seems to be going about its business unaffected, despite the fact that the survivors are waging an obvious battle against the undead.
  • Club Zombo is currently the only map to be brought back and remade from Zombie Panic! to Zombie Panic: Source.
  • A sign on a nearby building has "the end is really [censored due to fading paint] nigh" painted onto it. This is likely a reference to the 2002 film 28 Days Later, in which the character Jim enters a church to see written on the wall along a staircase is "REPENT THE END IS EXTREMELY FUCKING NIGH" in thick, black paint. This exact line has been referenced in several other zombie games. This sign can also be seen in Keretti.
  • The club has a strict dress code, which prohibits oversized coats, long, plain white t-shirts, ultra baggy pants, sleeveless shirts or tanktops for men, short jerseys, hats, or weapons of any kind, the last of which being ironic as many of the weapons found in the map are inside the club.
  • One of the signs listing special guest appearances for a Halloween party lists "Scary Pasta", an obvious play on "Creepy Pasta", which are unsettling, often fictional stories found on internet forums created for amusement and to fill the reader with a sense of horror.