ZPS Grenade
Type Explosive
Ammunition Type N/A
Damage Very High
Capacity Stacks of 3
Fire Rate N/A
Reload time N/A
Inventory 1

Grenades are weapons found in Zombie Panic: Source.


The HE (An acronym for High Explosive) Grenade appears in ZPS maps and its model appears as a green-grey cylinder with two yellow bands near the top and bottom of the can, along with a normal pin and spoon detonation system with an approximate 5 second timer.


Grenades can be stored in stacks of 3 (much like the barricade hammers) and are very useful for damaging or killing groups of zombies clustered together, or to weaken zombies on the other side of a barricade as an Indirect method of fire. The grenade will always kill any zombie if it is thrown directly under their feet, but has to be "cooked" before thrown as so zombies won't simply walk over it as it explodes behind them. A grenade that is simply thrown will almost never kill a zombie unless it is in the approximate path the zombie will take.

Mechanics and How to UseEdit

A grenade has a five second timer before detonation. Grenades can be thrown with mouse 1 (by default), and tossed a short distance with mouse 2 (by default). The timer on the grenade starts immediately after you press the mouse button to pull the pin on the grenade. To cook a grenade, simply hold the mouse button down with a grenade selected. You character will stay in the "pre-throw" animation until you release the mouse button. This is extremely useful to kill enemies as it requires much less prediction on where the zombie will be in the next few seconds, and gives zombies little to no time to react. However, make sure you count the number of seconds while holding the button, as you might end up overcooking the grenade and killing yourself. Grenades follow a ballistic trajectory, so make sure you lead your throws for far away targets and compensate for barricades you might be trying to throw the grenade out of. Landing the grenade inside your barricaded house can result in not only you killing yourself, but the destruction of your teammate's barricades as well. Grenades have a large damage radius, but a rather small killing radius. It is usually best to aim a grenade at a zombie as best you can, and if it only damages that one, finish it off with a weaker weapon, such as a pistol or melee weapon for cherry-tapping.