Type Special Item
Use Creating Barricades
1 per hammer
Recovery Ammount {{{recovery amount}}}

The Hammer is a item found within Zombie Panic: Source.


The hammer is a item that can be used to barricade doors, windows, and other surfaces by using planks of wood.

Hammers can be carried in stacks of three, meaning a player can carry up to six hammers (4/5 of their inventory space will be taken up if holding to sets of hammers).

How to Use the Hammers:Edit

  • The barricading hammers are easy to spot due to their metallic body and bright red handle. 

  • A single barricade hammer takes up 2/5 inventory slots. Up to 3 can be held in each slot.

  • Secondary fre (Right-click by default) to change the size of the barricade.

  • The reload key (R by default) to rotate the board.

  • Boards can be picked up and placed again provided they have not taken too much damage. Once it's taken damage, it is permanently in place until it gets broken.


  • The hammer once also existed as a melee weapon version in Zombie Panic: Source and had a blue handle, which was how one would tell if they were looking at a barricade hammer or a weapon version. The melee weapon was later removed from the game, leaving only the barricade hammer.