2013-03-20 00019
Map Creator Mage_of0ld
Map Size Medium
Recommended Players 4-32
Map Mode Objective

"An epidemic has swept through the Keretti mine. The appearence and behavior of the affected miners has changed to an almost zombie like state. Will you survive or become another victim?"
— Official description

Keretti is an Objective and Survival map featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


Keretti medium-sized map set outside of a mine. The map is mostly outdoors and consists of the survivors traveling to separate key locations within buildings which hold objectives for the humans. Zombies spawn in the mine while survivors spawn beside a large building on the side of the map.



  • Access the radio in the warehouse to call for help
  • Close the door to the mine, preventing any more infected from exiting the mine
  • Destroy the company files in the office building


  • Kill the survivors and prevent them from fulfilling the objectives.



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  • Because all the objectives can be completed in any order, it is possible to split up into groups to accomplish each objective, which could lead to a very quick victory if the survivors are careful and efficient.
  • When attempting to close the door to the mine, try to force the zombies to take a path to you by one of the explosive barrels when they are pursuing you.
  • When in the warehouse, you can exit through the hole in the floor which will land you in the back of a truck with a vest.
  • Because the warehouse door will take a moment to open, it is advised to either be extra cautious while waiting, or simply do another objective in the meantime.


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  • There are many spots where zombies can hide in the warehouse or mine.
  • When the survivors are opening the warehouse door, you can ambush them by dropping in from the ceiling onto unsuspecting prey.
  • Zombies can turn off the radio in the warehouse, which will stall the survivors by two minutes.
  • Zombies can also open the generator power panel to open the entrance to the mine again.
  • Because the outdoor area is very large in this map, it is likely best to attack survivors from the cover and narrow spaces of inside buildings.

Version History Edit

  • ZPO_Keretti was added to Zombie Panic! Source in version 1.4.0.
  • ZPO_Keretti received updates in versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.0.1, and 3.0.2.
  • ZPS_Keretti was added to Zombie Panic! Source in the maps update for version 2.4.1.
  • ZPS_Keretti received updates in versions 3.0 and 3.0.1.


  • The building the survivors spawn outside of has an unbreakable, blue, metal door. It can be unlocked by hitting a secret switch on the third pillar from the left of a chute, close by to the entrance of the warehouse. The room contains a kevlar vest, 30 rounds of rifle ammo, and a rifle. The room is coated in blood, and when opened, a mildly unsettling audio sound plays.
  • The backstory of the map implies that the zombies are infected miners, which is rather strange considering that in gameplay the zombies are only the undead versions of the survivors, none of which are miners.
  • The files are being destroyed by the survivors to destroy evidence "pertaining to the illegal mining practices", which presumably is connected to the presence of the zombies on the map.
  • The sign saying "the end is really [censored due to fading paint] nigh" seen on this map is the same one seen in Club Zombo, and is a reference to 28 Days Later.
  • Keretti is based on a zinc mine with the same name that is located near the city of Oulu, Finland.