Camping: Edit


*Soft quiet humming*

*Clearing throat*

"Jeg hader det her sted" (Danish. Translated into English, it means "I hate this place"

Acknowledge: Edit



''Mmm.. Ok''

''Whatever you say''


Anger: Edit

''Uugh! this is retarded!''

''Ahh.. shut up!''

''This is just to much!''

''Thats just.. No!''

''For crying out loud!''

''Noo! this won't do!''

Cover: Edit

''Keep me covered!''

''Watch my Back!''

''Keep up with me''

''Cmon! i could use your help''

''Cover me!''

Decline: Edit

''Not really''


'No way!'


Escape: Edit

Fire: Edit

'Kill them now!'

'Aim for the head.'

'Here they come!'

'Shoo Shoot shoot shoot!'

Hold: Edit

'I... think we should stay here'

'Mabye we could stay here'

'Stay here!'

Need Ammo: Edit

Need Health: Edit

'I.. think im dying!'

'It won't stop bleedin!'

'I don't wanna die!'

'Im hurt pretty badly..!'

Need Weapon: Edit

'I could use somethin to shoot with!'

'Im sure one of you has a spare gun!

'Heey.. i need a gun!'

'I need a weapon'

Positive Status:Edit

'MMm.. Im cool'

'Don't worry about me!'

'I am good'

'Mmhmm! im fine'

Praise: Edit

'Good one!'


'Where the hell did you learn that?!'

Status ReportEdit



Keep MovingEdit


Panic: Edit

'Fuck that shit!'

'Ruunn!!!! *Heavy breathing* '

'Auugh Ahhh!!'