2013-02-25 00001
Type Slicing
Damage 40 (3x head shot)
Range Short
Inventory Space 1
Swing Speed Fast

The machete is a weapon featured in Zombie Panic Source. It is depicted as a short-bladed, synthetic-gripped machete which swings fast, deals medium-high damage, and has short range. The machete can do the highest amount of damage per second. 


  • The machete appears to have tally marks carved into the blade, likely indicating the amount of zombies that have been slain by it. Interestingly enough, there are 13 tally marks on the machete, which may or may not be an intentional reference to the Friday the 13th series, where the the series' main antagonist's (Jason) signature weapon is the machete.
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The tally marks on the machete