• "Huh, I'll just post up right here. Like the NBA, like Shaq post up..."
  • (coughing)
  • "(heavy breathing) How the hell I get myself caught up in this? Hope they don't see me."
  • (coughing)
  • "(coughing) Damn, I'll just wait right here...right here."
  • "Oh man, my compensation does not match the hazard. (whispers lower) I quit. Gotta live but-but I quit, fuck that."
  • "(heavy breathing) There's so many (more breathing) if I just wait...right over here..."


  • "What ever you say man."
  • "Alright, cool; let's do it!"
  • "Now I'm with that!"
  • "Okay."
  • "Why not?"
  • "Sure!"


  • "I don't need this! Forget it! What?!"
  • "Aw man, I don't need this!"
  • "Damn!"
  • "Oh-are you serious?!"
  • "What the hell?!"
  • "This is pissin' me off!"
  • "Motha f--I'm not happy right now..."
  • "Look asshole I don't give a damn I'll break yo ass off!"
  • "Another GODDAMN day at the job!"
  • "I didn't sign up for this crap!"


  • "Hey, keep up! Let's go!"
  • "Hey, watch my back!"
  • "I'm goin' in cover me!"
  • "Hey, don't let me die I'm goin' in!"
  • "Hey, butts over there, Imma go!"


  • "Don't be stupid!"
  • "Hell no!"
  • "You must be crazy!"
  • "Man I don't think so!"
  • "You must be outta yo damn mind!"
  • "Man you dumb as hell!"

Escape Edit

  • "Let's get the hell outta here!"
  • "Getcha stuff man, let's go!"
  • "Run!"
  • "FALL BACK!"
  • "You ain't gon break my goddamn neck, I'm gone!"


  • "Open fire!"
  • "One shot, one kill!"
  • "Aim 'em up!"
  • "Shoot 'em!"
  • "Knock 'em down!"


  • "Let's make a stand here!"
  • "Hold your ground!"
  • "Wait right here!"
  • "Ey, everyone post up."
  • "Set up perimeter!"

Need AmmoEdit

  • "Hey, you gotta clip?!"
  • "Damn! I'm outta bullets!"
  • "Pass me a mag!"
  • "Oh, I'm empty!"
  • "I need ammo!"

Need HealthEdit

  • "I got blood on my uniform!"
  • "Oooh, I'm hurt!"
  • "Oh, damn, I'm dying!"
  • "Ooh, I need a medpack!"
  • "Oh man, I can't stop the bleedin'!"

Need WeaponEdit

  • "Man, pass me a gun."
  • "Y'all movin' slow; can I have a gun?!"
  • "Where the hell the guns at?!"
  • "Let's put that weapon in good hands, give it up!"
  • "C'mon now, pass me a goddamn strap!"

Positive StatusEdit

  • "Are you serious? Everything is great!"
  • "Just another day at the job!"
  • "Might need some yack after this one!"
  • "I'm good. Couple zombies!"
  • "I can handle my own!"


  • "Ooooo, smoke 'em!"
  • "Have you thought about joining law enforcement?"
  • "You stomped that ass!"
  • "Ten outta ten, man, Ten outta ten!"
  • "That was good, but check this out!"

Status ReportEdit

  • "Who's feelin' zombie-ish? I don't need no 'uuuuughgh' behind me, man!"
  • "Status report!"
  • "Everybody's breathin', right?!"
  • "How you guys doin'?"
  • "Head count; is anybody down?"


  • "Damn, you saved my ass."
  • "Yeah, I need that!"
  • "'preciate it man!"
  • "Good lookin' out!"
  • "Thank you!"


  • "Wait, somethin' ain't right. Let's clear the area."
  • "I've been on the force for a long time; I know when death is in the air!"
  • "Stay close! Somethin's about to go down, I can feel it."
  • "Wait, wait! Ya'll hear that?! Lock n' load!"
  • "This place is no good. Let's get ready to break their ass off!"
  • "All this damn runnin', check your weapons; I got a feelin' we're not alone."

Keep MovingEdit

  • "C'mon! Keep up! Keep movin'!"
  • "It ain't time to be tired! Hurry yo ass up!"
  • "What?! You gonna wait here?! Let these zombies take a chunk out of yo ass?! C'mon!"
  • "Bring yo ass on! You movin' slower than these god damn zombies!"
  • "If we take a break, then we die!"


  • "What?! You're done?!"
  • "Mwhahaha, You're nothin'!"
  • "You okay?! Hahahahaha!"
  • "Take that!"
  • "I'll kill all you bitches!"
  • "Hahahaha, I can do this all day!"
  • "Smoke comin' outta my gun, and outta yo ass!"
  • "I did that! See the body!? That's my kill!"
  • "That's all you got?! Bitch, you a zombie, I thought you was tougher than that!"


  • "Oh hell no! (heavy breathing)"
  • "This ain't happenin'! Get away from me!"
  • "Noo! It's not my time to die!"
  • "Uuuahh!! You ain't gon catch me! (heavy breathing)"
  • "Aw hell no, I'm good! (heavy breathing)"
  • "Oh my God there's too many! Auh! Help! Heeelp!"


  • "How 'bout this?!"
  • "Time to die!"
  • "I'm gonna bury you!"
  • "Took yo head, sucka!"
  • "You're not ready!"
  • "Imma break yo goddamn neck!"
  • "Look asshole I don't give a damn I'll break yo ass off!"
  • "Imma stick my foot in yo ass!"
  • "If I die, I'm takin' all you bitches with me!"
  • "Alright, y'all want it?!"


  • "Haha, told you let those rounds go, and we'll live."
  • "Gather the dead; burn the bodies."
  • "Damn, we made it. Let's move out."
  • "Hahahahahaha, target practice!"