Template:See Also There are many weapons in Zombie Panic: Source which survivors use as an improvised means of self-defense when fighting the undead. Many of the melee weapons are simply common items and tools being used as weapons in the hands of the survivors. These weapons vary greatly in various aspects, such as the amount of damage that can be dealt, their reach, and swinging speed among other things. These melee weapons include:

Name Range  Inventory Slots Damage (bodyshot) Damage (headshot) Givable at spawn? Swing Speed
Axe Short-Medium 1 40 120 No Fast
Chair Medium-Long 2 50 150 No Medium-Slow
Baseball Bat Medium 1 45 135 No Medium-Fast
Crowbar Short 1 25 75 Yes Medium-Fast
Lead pipe Short 1 50 150 Yes Medium
Machete Short 1 40 120 No Fast
Shovel Medium-Long 2 40 120 No Medium-Slow
Spanner Short 1 50 150 Yes Medium
Plank Short 1 34 102 Yes Fast
Golf Club Medium 2 34 102 No Medium-Fast
Frying Pan Short-Medium 1 50 150 Yes Medium-Fast
Cooking Pot Short 1 35 105 Yes Medium-Fast
Sledgehammer Short-Medium 2 75 225 No Slow
Keyboard Short 1 25 75 Only if joined late Fast
Tire Iron Short 1 50 150 No Medium-Slow

Melee weapons are commonly used by survivors to finish off wounded zombies, or in desperate situations, such as the case in which a survivor depletes their ammunition and has no other means of attacking besides their melee weapon.

Melee weapons can be tricky to use, since they must be used with extreme caution, as missing can often result in death for the human. However, if the survivor does land a successful hit on a zombie, melee weapons have a tendency to shove the attacking zombie backward, giving the survivor more breathing room. Like guns, all damage dealt by a melee weapon to a zombie's head will be tripled, making melee weapons incredibly effective if used carefully, as most melee weapons are capable of depleting at least half of a zombie's health with one carefully placed swing.

It is recommended to always have a melee weapon in your inventory no matter what if you are a survivor, for the sake of still having some fighting capability when out of ammo. Alternatively, panicking to escape works as well.