Pain Killers
Type Healing Item
Use Restores Health
Recovery Ammount {{{recovery amount}}}

Painkiller's are a commonly encountered medical item in Zombie Panic: Source. They resemble a small white bottle of pain killing tablets.


Pain killers are often found in small batches or on their own in certain maps and are frequently found to help as a small health boost to injured survivors. Pain killers heal only 20 Health Points at a time, meaning they lack any sort of major recovery, but may provide a little extra boost to a survivor on the move. On their own, they cannot heal past 100 health points, so if a player were injured with only 5 points of damage the pain killers would only heal 5 points, leaving the other 15 still in the bottle for later use.

Pain killers (depending on the current amount of health points available) will only grant an extra hit or so from a zombie. For example, if a player was downed to only 5 HP of their remaining health and they used painkillers, they would still be killed in a single hit by a regular zombie, as their claws inflict 25 damage per hit (with the exception of the Carrier's 35 damage).