Shotgun Shells
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Type Ammunition
Use Replenishing ammo
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Shotgun Shells are an ammunition type featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


Shotgun shells appear around ZPS maps as red shells with gold tips signifying the end with the primer, and appear as groups of 12 shells in a holder, even though picking up the shells only gives about 8. Shotgun shells are used with the three shotguns, the Remington, the Super Shorty, and the Winchester. Shotgun shells are by far the heaviest ammunition in the game by one round, weighing 10 pounds per 8 shells (1.25 seperate). A player can hold a maximum of 24 shotgun shells when not holding anything else. Shotgun shells are commonly found around a map.


  • Even though the model clearly shows a holder with 12 shells, the player is only given 8 upon pickup.
  • The calibre of the shells are presumed to be 12-gauge.
  • Weight per shell: 1.25