2013-04-15 00018
Map Creator DrRobot, Darth_Brush
Map Size Large
Recommended Players 12-30
Map Mode Objective

"It has been 3 months since the city fell to the undead that now roam the empty streets. You and a group of Survivors are holding out in the last standing safehouse in this part of town. However, you are running low on supplies and the stenches are starting to smell you from the other side of the walls.

The military has been broadcasting for the past 48 hours that they will make a final attempt to wipe out the threat infesting the area. The bombraids will start soon, any human still alive in Shreddingfield must escape the city or seek refuge at a nearby bombshelter.

This is your final chance! Leave through the Supermarket, find some beans then hit the streets for further scavanging. Once you're set with supplies, head for the nearby shelter.

God speed!"
— Official description

Shreddingfield is an Objective map featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


Shreddingfield is a large map set in an abandoned city on a sunny afternoon several months after the infection. The map consists of the gun shop, super market, streets, police station, parking lot, and various alleys in between. The survivors' goal is to collect food supplies, a radio, and gasoline from the surrounding area and bring it to their next safe house before the city is bombed. The survivors will fail if they do not complete the objectives within the given time limit, which is roughly 11 minutes.



  • Collect three food items from the super market
  • Find a can of gasoline outside in the streets or parking lot
  • Find a siphon tube outside or in the police station
  • Find a radio in the police station
  • Siphon the gasoline out of the white car in the parking lot
  • Defend the parking lot for one minute
  • Push the pallet lift to the barricade
  • Go through the building and behind the barricade, then destroy it
  • Go into the garage and turn the power on
  • Open the door
  • Push the pallet lift to the elevator


  • Kill the survivors



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  • Be sure to finish all objectives as quickly as possible. The survivors have roughly eleven minutes to finish all objectives before the city is bombed.
  • Stock up on plenty of weapons and body armor in the underground safehouse.
  • Any survivors who do not exit the safehouse shortly after the blue steel door leading to the super market opens will be killed, be sure to gather what you need quickly and head up.
  • There are two entrances to the super market from the back room. The red double doors or the side door leading to the outside, either can be used to enter the supermarket.
  • A weapon will often spawn in the area behind the second door when reaching ground level in the super market.
  • Be cautious of any zombies lying in wait behind the stack of boxes beyond the red doors if you choose to enter the store that way.
  • Search the streets first for the siphon hose and the gas tank, as searching the police station should be left last.
  • When passing by the gun store from the outside, an AK-47 will always spawn in the window which can be broken.
  • When entering the police station, be cautious of any camping zombies lurking in the dark. After the area is clear, be sure to resupply at the armory. Also be cautious that while entering the police station, the building will then act as a primary spawning zone for the zombies.
  • From the inside of the police station, the furniture blocking the door can be taken down, allowing the main entrance to be used from both sides.
  • Be sure that all survivors have adequate health and ammunition when defending the parking lot, and be sure to stay within the given boundary or any survivors outside of it will be killed.
  • Use explosives to defend the pallet lift after the barrier is blown down, as an IED or grenades may discourage the zombies from advancing.


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  • An easy ambush position to attack the survivors from is behind the stack of boxes beside the red double doors.
  • During the battle in the supermarket, use the aisles to cover yourself from survivors and retreat to if wounded.
  • Due to the lack of things to take cover behind in the street, it is advised to keep most attacks planned for when the survivors are in enclosed spaces, such as alleys and the police station.
  • The police station is dark on the inside; use this to your advantage to lurk in the shadows to attack any survivors fumbling in the dark.
  • The battle in the parking lot is not an easy one, so the zombie team will have to resort to rushing the survivors constantly, wounding them as much as possible.
  • If possible, stall the survivors from completing their objectives for as long as possible so the survivor team fails.

Version History Edit

  • ZPO_Shreddingfield was added to Zombie Panic! Source in version 2.0.
  • ZPO_Shreddingfield received updates in version 3.0, 3.0.2, 3.0.4, and 3.0.7.


  • Like Club Zombo, Shreddingfield also seems to have custom music which takes the place of the original soundtrack of the game.
  • Shreddingfield was originally called Dead City.