There are both advantages and disadvantages by sticking together with a large group. Edit

The advantages are: Edit

  • You are safer in case of zombie attacks, because you have more people, and more people equals more guns, and more guns equals more dead zombies. Also, in a somewhat macabre mindset, in a dire situation more people means the higher chance someone *else* will be devoured rather than yourself.
  • A large group is better for defending a location or an object.
  • Finding objects goes faster within a group.

The disadvantages are: Edit

  • Less ammo and weapons for everyone.
  • Bigger chance to have an infected within your group.
  • You are easily spotted by the zombies.
  • A large group makes more noise.

Many people tend to spam insanely with the voice commands or with high-pitch voices in the voice-chat, which can make players playing seriously like adults impatient.

Conclusion Edit

All in all it's smartest to stick with the group. Surviving and fighting together is better than having zombies chewing on your lonely legs.