Super Shorty
2013-02-17 00010
Type Shotgun
Ammunition Type Shotgun Shells
Damage 90 (3x head shot)
Capacity 3
Fire Rate 0.7 SPS
Reload time medium
Inventory 1

The Super Shorty is a weapon featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


The Super Shorty is an effective weapon against zombies, killing them in 2-3 shots, but it's weak when fighting multiple zombies. Because of a three-round capacity, the only way to dispatch multiple zombies would be by scoring point-blank headshots on each, which would still only kill a maximum of three (one for each shell), but the wielder will very likely be killed themselves if trying to do so.

While fighting with this weapon it is advised to stay moving. The Super Shorty is best for when a survivor is in the safety of a group because of the immense damage it does so that the other survivors can finish off the wounded and remaining zombies.

This weapon is commonly referred to by players as the "Super Shitty", due to its small capacity and slow reload time. Though, if the wielder taps the Reload key, they can quickly reload like with the Remington