2013-02-24 00002
Map Creator SotaPoika
Map Size Medium-Large
Recommended Players 8-24
Map Mode Survival

"Survivors followed a radio broadcast sent from this subway station and they are hoping to find some shelter and supplies here. It looks like the place is overrun though, there seems to be nobody around, except the survivors who just arrived here by train. Still, it sounds like there's somebody or something lurking around.. You should check out what's going on here."
— Official description

Underground is a Survival map featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


Underground is a medium-large survival map set in an underground subway system below the streets of a likely abandoned city. The map primarily consists of long hallways connecting platforms to other areas, such as the restaurant, security room, basement, etc. The human team spawns on the platform by the train they arrived in, while zombies spawn in the depths of the tunnel systems and corridors.



  • Survive


  • Kill the survivors



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  • There are many places that are easy to defend on this map with alternate exits. If desperate, camping is a tactic which can help you lay low while trying to survive.
  • Stay away from the hallways with the warning signs posted on them of infection, as zombies tend to spawn in these areas.
  • It is recommended to travel with a group if you are a new time player on this map, since many areas look the same it is incredibly easy to get lost.


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  • Be sure to take advantage of tight corners in this map whenever possible for easy ambushes against humans.
  • Many survivors will attempt to camp in this map, so it is advised to wait for them in the popular camping locations if you expect them to hide.

Version History

  • ZPS_Underground was added to Zombie Panic! Source in version 2.1.
  • ZPS_Underground received an update in version 3.0.


  • The city may have been one of the first locations where the infection spread, as evident by all the blockades and warning signs, as well as the fact the city above the subway system is completely quiet and dark.
  • The poster advertising Tatsur0's Raw Bar is a reference to the lead developer of Zombie Panic: Source, Tatsur0.
  • Underground has several movie posters on it which are seen in other maps. The posters include Saw, The Shining, Days of Darkness, Night of the Comet, and the Zombie Diaries.
  • There are posters advertising for Zombie Panic: Source, as well as Contagion, the spiritual successor to Zombie Panic.
  • Alyx Vance, as well as Wallace Breen from Half-Life 2 can be seen on several monitors flickering.
  • There is a poster advertising for "Ammo-Nation", which is the name of the gun shop in the map Police Station.
  • There are posters advertising for drug-related beverages, going with the game's somewhat comedic theme of drug use in products.
  • Underground is the image depicted in the latest background of the main menu of Zombie Panic: Source.