Zombie Panic!Edit

General Changes Edit

  • Wiki needs to be redone from the ground up.
  • Important articles need to be easier to find.
  • Lots of things need to be updated, especially new content from 3.0 and 3.1.
  • Version history should be added to many articles, along with Gallery content showing differences between versions
  • I suspect that the statistics for most weapons are outdated, need to figure that out
  • Possibly create a wiki page for each update, detailing the major changes given in that update (separate from the changelog which contains all updates but is more technical)
  • Need better pages for weapons, survivors, removed maps (e.g. Industry), planned maps (e.g. OceanFloor, RedRock), etc.
  • Is the "Strategy" section on the map pages really necessary? Also, the "Objective" section probably doesn't need to exist on the Survival map pages.
  • Need to remove references to Contagion other than those that are directly associated with ZPS. For example, a page related to the survivor "Tony" has nothing to do with ZPS. A piece of trivia on Marcus' page that says he also appears in Contagion is fine.
  • Is there any way to improve the search function? Probably not.
  • Need better soundtrack pages. Maybe just one article for the entire soundtrack?
  • The page for Zombie Panic! 1 needs to be fixed, it sucks
  • Need to remove pages like "Swamp/Water Maps Category", too specific and not helpful
  • Possibly add a page similar to the Changelog page for more general developer communication like teasers, contests, etc.

Specific Articles Needed Edit

  • "Removed maps"
    • Industry
  • "Planned maps" or "Unfinished maps" or something like that
    • OceanFloor
    • Depot
    • RedRock
  • Baguette, Tennis Racket, Broom pages
  • Page for the new Survivor from 3.1
  • Page for the Development Team, listing developers involved in each version
  • Pages for 2.X and 3.X game manuals
  • Possibly a page for "outdated content" in general?
  • "Servers" page with info about what a server is, how it works, commands, how to run one
  • AngelScript page
  • Sourcemod page
  • Inoculator
  • Food
  • Delivery items
  • Keys/Keycard
  • Antivirus