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Type Shotgun
Ammunition Type Shotgun Shells
Damage 90 (3x head shot)
Capacity 2
Fire Rate 1.2 SPS
Reload time slow
Inventory 2

The Winchester is a weapon featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


The Winchester is a long barreled hunting shotgun. Unlike most shotguns, the Winchester has no pump action and can be fired as fast as the wielder can press their fire button. It's also a good weapon for scoring head-shots with. Unfortunately, its capacity is a mere 2 shells and the reload process is quite slow. However, even with its downsides it is still an incredibly effective weapon if used correctly.


Due to the long reload time of the Winchester, its best to switch to a pistol or melee weapon after getting two shots off on one zombie to finish it off.
Keeping the crosshairs on the upper chest will increase chances of a head-shot while maintaining pellet count.
Firing both barrels (mouse 2 by default) is almost a guaranteed kill on regular zombies, but the wielder should be cautious as they will need to reload before continuing to fire at other zombies.
The Winchester can act like a Magnum. If one aims for the head successfully, a damage multiplier is added. With its accuracy, it is possible to kill a zombie in one headshot, although, it may take two.