Zombie Panic: Source
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Game Info
Developer Monochrome Games
Release Date 2007
Engine Source Engine
Platform Microsoft Windows


Zombie Panic: Source is the a Half-Life 2 mod, and the sequel to the Half-Life mod Zombie Panic. Zombie Panic: Source has enhanced graphics, a larger variety of weapons, and much more team-oriented game play than its predecessor. The addition of the Carrier zombie created a more balanced game. The mod can be downloaded and played for free on Steam as long as the Steam user has the most recent version of Source SDK, which is free also.



The key of the game is to survive (provided the player is on the Survivor Team). Staying with ones' teammates and sharing equipment such as weapons and ammo is essential to the game. The round starts with all the survivors placed near each other in one general areas (with the exception of some maps, such as Town). Some players will be selected to play as zombies and may spawn not too far from the survivors.

The number of zombies at the start of a round is determined by the number of players. A higher amount of players will result in more players beginning the round as zombies. The goal as a human is to survive and either kill off all the zombies (on survival maps) or do the objectives (on objective maps), and the goal of the zombies is to kill all survivors, regardless of the game mode.

Survivors start the round with a random pistol (these include a USP, Glock 18, Glock 17 and a PPK) with 10 bullets in their inventory and one random melee weapon (a Pan, Crowbar, Wrench, Plank, or Pot). The melee weapons vary greatly from one another in regards to strength, range, inventory space, and swinging speed. For survival tips, check Survivor Strategy.


Characters in Zombie Panic: Source include:


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