The Zombie Panic: Source soundtrack is the in-game music which plays in the background on nearly all maps. The soundtrack consists of 22 original tracks, though some tracks can only be heard on certain maps (such as Club Zombo or Shreddingfield). The next or previous track can be played by pressing the designated key bindings on the keyboard, and they can be stopped as well for those who do not wish to hear the game's tracks.


  1. Abandoned Mine
  2. Chapel of Unrest
  3. City of Souls
  4. Cloud of Sorrow
  5. Deep Caverns
  6. Descent
  7. Desert of Darkness
  8. Foggy Meadow
  9. Forgotten Kingdom
  10. Frozen Wasteland
  11. Halls
  12. Hell
  13. Hollow
  14. Horde
  15. House of Whispers
  16. Nightmare
  17. Orphanage
  18. Pitch Black
  19. Plague
  20. Rebirth
  21. Sewers
  22. Subway
  23. Theme Song

Map Exclusive TracksEdit

Club ZomboEdit

  1. DNB
  2. House
  3. Ready Room
  4. Trance
  5. Zombo 2


  • The Zombie Panic: Source theme song is a remake of the original Zombie Panic! main menu theme.